EHTV Episode 18 : The Royal Timmins Bear Hunt of 1959 4

Download Episode A recent case of black bear gall bladder possession in northern Ontario prompted Mike Commito to investigate the transnational connections associated with bear hunting. Frequently black bears are harvested in one area but before or after processing their parts are destined for farther away locations, sometimes as part […]

EHTV Episode 17: Joe to Go Home – Downstream through Muskoka’s Past 1

Download Episode This first instalment of ‘Joe to Go Home: Downstream through Muskoka’s Past’ follows the route Jim Clifford and Andrew Watson took in July 2011 from Lake Joseph in Muskoka to Go Home Bay on Georgian Bay. Along the way, Jim and Andrew pass many important historic sites central […]

EHTV Episode 16: Collective Recollections – Food Histories and Food Futures in the Kingston Region

Download Episode The short video documentary Collective Recollections: Food Histories and Food Futures in the Kingston Region showcases community members interested in food histories with the hope of publicizing how such historical knowledge can be useful and insightful when imagining our food futures. The video is part of a larger […]

EHTV Episode 14: Supper in the Field

Download Episode This episode of EHTV was shot by Dr. Merle Massie, a postdoctoral fellow from the University of Saskatchewan. Her research focuses on local and regional histories of Western Canada. In her dissertation, Dr. Massie examined the deep history of the Paddockwood/Lakeland region north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Titled […]

EHTV Episode 11: Lost in Space, Found in Place

Download Episode The 2011 Place and Placelessness Virtual Graduate Conference featured a short film competition.  EHTV is proud to present the three films submitted to the contest as a special series.  The first film comes from Amanda Hooykaas, PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at the […]