History and Computing Workshops #2: iPads and Historians 7

In the second History and Computing Workshop held in the Department of History at York University, I took faculty and graduate students through an overview of the use of tablet computers for history teaching and research. The most common tablet computer is, of course, Apple’s iPad so I focused my […]

EHTV Episode 06: A Town Called Asbestos Part I

Download episode This week EHTV launches the first part of an fascinating five-part series on the history of Quebec asbestos by Dr. Jessica Van Horssen. For more than one hundred years, Quebecers have mined this unique and dangerous mineral from the northern region of the Appalachian mountain range. This episode […]

Environmental History Mobile: Curation and Syndication

Last year, Jim Clifford and I received funding from the Network in Canadian History and Environment to develop an iOS mobile application to facilitate the dissemination of environmental history news and other online content. With more researchers and educators using smartphones and other mobile internet devices to connect with one […]

History Tech Tips #5: Teaching Digital History Skills

I recently led a session at the City of Calgary Teachers’ Convention Association meeting here at Mount Royal University titled “Teaching Digital History Skills”. The purpose of this session was to explore some of the key digital tools and technologies used for history research, analysis, communication, and teaching at the […]

History Tech Tips #3: Top 5 Indispensible Digital History Tools

Digital and online-based technologies have changed the historian’s craft. Within the past two decades, these technologies have enhanced our abilities to research, analyze, communicate, and teach history. While the current generation of students is commonly referred to as “digital natives” or the “net generation” the assumption that young people are […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 17 Available

Episode 17 Virtual Field Trips, Automobiles, and Global Commodity Chains: October 29, 2010 [audio:][24:35] Over the summer, the NiCHE New Scholars group organized a virtual environmental history workshop that invited graduate students from around the world to participate in two days of discussion and review of working papers on […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 16 Available

Episode 16 The Industrialization of Agriculture: September 28, 2010 [audio:][44:24] From 1945 to the early 1970s, technological innovations helped to transform American agriculture. The introduction of industrial chemicals and new machinery to US farm operations in the decades after the Second World War ushered in, what some historians have […]