EHTV Episode 17: Joe to Go Home – Downstream through Muskoka’s Past

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This first instalment of ‘Joe to Go Home: Downstream through Muskoka’s Past’ follows the route Jim Clifford and Andrew Watson took in July 2011 from Lake Joseph in Muskoka to Go Home Bay on Georgian Bay. Along the way, Jim and Andrew pass many important historic sites central to the environmental history of Muskoka. From intimate connections to Muskoka and its past, as well as an exploration of the earliest tourists, landscape transformations, and Aboriginal history, Andrew narrates a journey across a landscape that demonstrates a material connection to life in Muskoka during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Much of the environmental history of Muskoka took place next to the shores of the area’s lakes and rivers, so journeying by canoe provided an excellent opportunity to showcase many elements of Andrew’s research and the importance this history continues to have for people and places in Muskoka today.


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