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NiCHE_Podcast_Logo1smallEpisode 13 New Directions in Urban Environmental History & Abandoned Mines: March 3, 2010.

Next week the American Society for Environmental History will hold its annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. Environmental historians will gather from March 10-13 to share new research and ideas, roughly surrounding the theme of “Currents of Change”.

On this episode of the podcast, we feature a preview discussion about a round-table panel for next week’s ASEH meeting called “Urbs in Horto: New Directions in Urban Environmental History”. Matthew Klingle, Ellen Stroud, Karl Appuhn, and Sean Kheraj sit down to discuss new developments in the field of urban environmental history and invite listeners to post comments or questions. Please let us know what you think.

Also, John Sandlos and Arn Keeling stop by to talk about their new project on abandoned mines in the Canadian North. This project examines the social and environmental consequences of large-scale mining operations for local Aboriginal people in northern Canada.

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