History and Computing Series

History and Computing Workshop: Screencasting and Teaching

On Tuesday, February 10, 2015, we held another “History and Computing” workshop in the Department of History at York University. This is a series of practical workshops on the use of digital technologies in historical scholarship and teaching. Alongside my colleague, Carolyn Podruchny, we led presentations on our respective experiences […]

History and Computing Workshops #2: iPads and Historians 7

In the second History and Computing Workshop held in the Department of History at York University, I took faculty and graduate students through an overview of the use of tablet computers for history teaching and research. The most common tablet computer is, of course, Apple’s iPad so I focused my […]

History and Computing Workshops #1: The Basics of Twitter for Historians 2

Tomorrow I will be leading the first session in a new workshop series at York University titled, “History and Computing.” This first session, called “Twitterstorians: A Workshop on the Basics of Using Twitter for Historians,” will take participants through an introduction to the Twitter website and offer tips on how […]