Aboriginal History

Ten Books to Contextualize Health and Environmental Issues in Canadian Aboriginal History

By Stacy Nation-Knapper, Andrew Watson, and Sean Kheraj Last year, Nature’s Past, the Canadian environmental history podcast, published a special series called, “Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues”. Each episode focused on a different contemporary environmental issue and featured interviews and discussions with historians whose research explains the context and background. […]

Ten Other Things You Might Not Have Known About 20th-Century Aboriginal History in Canada

If there was a weekly prize for active historians in Canada, Ian Mosby would have been last week’s winner. Canadian national news media (including print, radio, television, and web) prominently featured Dr. Mosby’s recently published Histoire Sociale/Social History article, “Administering Colonial Science: Nutrition Research and Human Biomedical Experimentation in Aboriginal Communities […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 35 Available

Episode 35 Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 5 – Fisheries, Regulation, and Science: 28 February 2013 [audio: http://niche-canada.org/files/sound/naturespast/natures-past35.mp3][01:12:58] The need for thoughtful histories on contemporary Canadian environmental issues has never been more critical than it is regarding the present state of the country’s fisheries. In June 2012, funding for […]

Talking with Rick Cluff about the History of Pipeline Hearings in Canada

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of, once again, speaking with Rick Cluff on CBC Vancouver’s “Early Edition” about the history pipeline hearings in Canada. Rick and I discussed the Mackenzie Valley pipeline inquiry (1974-1977) and how it compared to the current hearings on the Enbridge-proposed Northern Gateway oil pipeline. […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 32 Available

Episode 32 Histories of Canadian Environmental Issues, Part 2 – Health and Environmental Issues in Aboriginal History: 29 October 2012 [audio: http://niche-canada.org/files/sound/naturespast/natures-past32.mp3][01:13:11] Human health and quality of life are inseparable from the environment in which we live. For Aboriginal peoples in Canada the history of colonialism, the control by one […]