Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 10 Available

Episode 10 Digital Technologies and Environmental History: October 21, 2009. [audio:http://niche-canada.org/files/sound/naturespast/natures-past10.mp3][40:59] How have online digital technologies changed environmental history research, communication, and teaching? This episode of the podcast explores this question in the context of the recent NiCHE Digital Infrastructure API Workshop held in Mississauga, Ontario. Online-based Application Programming Interfaces […]

Local Environments, Global Impacts: 2009 Svartárkot Environmental History Workshop

Very few Canadian graduate students take classes in Iceland. With support from the Network in Canadian History & Environment, five graduate students from Canadian universities traveled to the North Atlantic island country this past June for a special environmental history summer school in Iceland led by faculty from the Reyjkavik […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 09 Available

Episode 9 Environmental History Graduate Studies in Canada: September 21, 2009. [audio:http://niche-canada.org/files/sound/naturespast/natures-past09.mp3][34:22] After our brief summer break, the podcast returns with an episode that looks at environmental history graduate studies in Canada. Last May, we recorded a round-table conversation with four environmental history graduate students following the Canadian History & […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 08 Available

Episode 8 Aboriginal People and Resource Conflicts in Canada: July 14, 2009. [audio:http://niche-canada.org/files/sound/naturespast/natures-past08.mp3] [38:46] The history of the resettlement of Canada by European peoples and the dispossession of Aboriginal people from their land was, in part, a struggle over natural resources. Since 1867, the federal and provincial governments of Canada […]