Nature’s Past Episode 60: New Research in Canadian Environmental History

Episode 60: New Research in Canadian Environmental History Download Audio   Subscribe                  From time to time, we like to draw your attention to new research in the field of Canadian environmental history. We interview authors about new books, we speak with graduate students about […]

Nature’s Past Episode 57: Why Study Canada?

Episode 57: Why Study Canada? [33:09] Download Audio                  Why study Canadian environmental history? Where does Canada fit in global perspectives of environmental history? This episode focuses on the role of Canada in environmental history and explores some of the reasons why some scholars study […]

BBC World Service Episode on the Creation of Modern Canada

  Over the weekend, I appeared on  BBC World Service on an episode of The Forum.  The episode was a wide-ranging discussion of Canadian history since Confederation in 1867. I participated on a panel alongside Margaret Macmillan and Phillip Buckner. You can listen to the full episode in the player above.

Active History in Solitude

Next month, I will start my first sabbatical. To prepare, I just finished reading Michael Harris’s new book,  Solitude: A Singular Life in a Crowded World. The book came out in late April just as my teaching semester wrapped up. The timing couldn’t be better. Sabbaticals are another part of […]

Nature’s Past Episode 56: Animal Metropolis

Episode 56: Animal Metropolis [38:08] Download Audio To kick off the 2017 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Toronto, Ontario, I joined two of the editors of a new volume on histories of human-animal relations in urban Canada published by University of Calgary Press. Joanna Dean and Christabelle Sethna […]

The Presence of the Past: The Possibilities of Virtual Reality for History

For the past year, I’ve been thinking a lot about virtual reality and its potential applications for historians. Can we use virtual reality to better understand the past?  Can the experience of virtual reality alter historical thinking? Can we now build time machines, teleporters, and holodecks using virtual reality? These […]

2017 Melville-Nelles-Hoffmann Lecture in Environmental History: Sara Pritchard

The Department of History is proud to host the annual Melville-Nelles-Hoffmann Lecture in Environmental History on March 20, at 4pm, in the Schulich Private Dining Room. This year’s lecture will be delivered by Professor Sara B. Pritchard from Cornell University. Professor Pritchard is a leading scholar in environmental history and Science and Technology Studies […]

Nature’s Past Episode 55: Asbestos Mining and Environmental Health

    Episode 55: Asbestos Mining and Environmental Health [38:08] Download Audio In 2012, Canada stopped mining and exporting asbestos. Once considered a miracle mineral for its fireproof qualities, asbestos came to be better known as a carcinogenic, hazardous material banned in numerous countries around the world. Canada was once a […]