Oral History Forum Special Issue on Environmental History

Environmental historians with an interest in oral history research should check out the special issue of Oral History Forum that was recently published. Guest editors Alan MacEachern and Ryan O’Connor have assembled a fine collection of articles that reflect upon the practice of oral history methodologies in environmental history research. This should be an excellent read and this issue is entirely open access. You can read all of the articles here.

Table of Contents


Lianne Leddy, “Interviewing Nookomis and Other Reflections: The Promise of Community Collaboration”

Claire Elizabeth Campbell, “‘We All Aspired to be Woodsy’: Tracing Environmental Awareness at a Boys’ Camp”

Sharon Weaver, “First Encounters: 1970s Back-to-the-land, Cape Breton, NS and Denman, Hornby and Lasqueti Islands, BC”

Adam M. Sowards, “‘We’re All Kinda Crazy’: Smokejumpers and Western Forests”

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