NiCHE New Scholars Reading Group: April Round on Banff National Park the Winter Olympics

The NiCHE New Scholars Reading Group, a monthly online environmental history graduate workshop, will be holding a live conference call to discuss a chapter from Cheryl Williams’s M.A. thesis titled “The Banff Winter Olympics: Sport, Tourism, and the National Parks.” This chapter looks at the efforts of Calgary business interests to bring the Winter Olympics to Banff in the 1960s. The live conference call is scheduled for:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
4pm (Eastern)

To join the reading group, you can sign up as a new member on their website here. Once you are signed up you can download the paper, upload your comments, and participate in the monthly live call to discuss the draft paper with the author. The NiCHE New Scholars Reading Group will also be holding a live event at the 2011 Canadian History and Environment Summer School in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. If you are planning on attending the summer school this year, be sure to check out the live reading group meet-up.

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