Discussing Online Digital Communication at Second World Congress of Environmental History

"Guimaraes Portugal-4" by Fernando López
“Guimaraes Portugal-4” by Fernando López

Next week, I will be participating on a roundtable at the Second World Congress of Environmental History in Guimarães, Portugal. Our roundtable is titled, “Beyond Texts and Archives: Experiments with New Sources and Methods in Environmental History” and it is scheduled for Tuesday, July 8, 2014 from 14:00-15:30 in CO-04 (CFPG). All the details about the roundtable can be found here.

I will be speaking about the use of online digital communications technologies in the global environmental history community. Based on my experiences as an editor and podcast producer for the Network in Canadian History and Environment, I will survey the use of online digital communications in environmental history from the advent of email listservs in the mid-1990s to the present.

Here is a round-up of all of the links and references that I may make in my remarks at the conference:

First H-ASEH message, 23, January 1996

Forest History Society website (ca. 1998)

ASEH website (ca. 2000)

ESEH website (ca. 2001)

Oosthoek’s Environmental History Homesite (ca. 1999)

Conquering the Highlands: A History of the Afforestation of the Scottish Uplands

Network in Canadian History and Environment website

Nature’s Past: Canadian Environmental History Podcast

The Otter: Canadian Environmental History Blog

H-Environment Roundtable Reviews

Geospatial Historian

Environment and Society Portal

Environmental Humanities Now

Wilko von Hardenberg, “#envhist: Social media and community-building in environmental history”

#EnvHist Tag Explorer Visualization

“Field Notes” on Environmental History

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