Teaching Toronto History 2

This fall, I am excited to start teaching HIST 4530 The Development of Toronto. This is a six-credit upper-level research seminar course on the history of Toronto with a maximum enrollment of eighteen students. The course aims to cover a number of different aspects of Toronto’s history, including environmental, political, […]

Exploring the Geography of Urban Animals in Nineteenth-Century Toronto 6

This summer I have been busy wading into some very rudimentary historical geography for my current research project on the history of animals in Canadian urban environments. Like all historical geography research, I think, my intent has been to see whether or not spatial patterns emerge when looking at the […]

Public Lecture: Order and Animals in Nineteenth-Century Toronto

A couple of weeks ago, I gave a public lecture at the L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History titled “Order and Animals in Nineteenth-Century Toronto”. This lecture is based on my current research project on the history of urban animals and it focuses on the regulation of domestic animals in […]