Public History

The New History Wars?: Avoiding the Fights of the Past

[audio:] Audio from Montreal History Group May Day Symposium, 26 April, 2013 [16:56] Download Link The new history wars are not battles over the meaning of Canadian history. They are battles over public financing of historical research and historical preservation. Historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, librarians, and archivists all have a […]

More Canadian History, More Better 2

“Canada’s history is worth emphasizing,” according to a recent pathetically inoffensive editorial headline in theĀ Globe and Mail. Such an argument is so bland and broad as to be almost entirely pointless. What drove the editorial team at theĀ Globe to boldly stick its neck out with such a feeble statement? The […]

Seizing Canada’s Past: Politics and the Reinvention of Canadian History

The conversation has been ongoing among Canadian historians for the past few years, especially since the federal government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, altered the contents of the official citizenship guide for new Canadians to place greater emphasis on military history and the monarchy while ignoring or […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 26 Available

Episode 26 Environmental History as Public History: 29 November 2011 [audio:][33:50] Environmental historians have recently been thinking about future directions for their sub-discipline. Last year, the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society co-sponsored a workshop held in Washington, D.C. to explore such future directions and published some of […]