ASEH 2013: International Perspectives on Urban Animals in the Nineteenth Century 1

Animal history will be well-represented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Environmental History this week in Toronto. If you are already interested in attending the Saturday morning panel, “Controlling Animals? Human and Animal Agency in North America” featuring Susan Nance, Jessica Wang, Jennifer Bonnell, and Tina Adcock, […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 30 Available

Episode 30 Environmental Histories of Montreal: 1 May 2012 [audio:][49:44] Last year, the University of Pittsburgh Press published its first book on Canadian urban environmental history titled Metropolitan Natures: Environmental Histories of Montreal. This diverse collection of essays was edited by two leading scholars of Quebec environmental history, Stephane […]

Nature’s Past Canadian Environmental History Podcast Episode 19 Available

Episode 19 Metropolitanism and Canadian Environmental History: January 24, 2011 [audio:][42:58] In 1954, Canadian historian James Maurice Stockford Careless published an influential article in the Canadian Historical Review, titled “Frontierism, Metropolitanism, and Canadian History” which offered a new approach for understanding the course of Canadian history and the development […]