Moose Strolls Through Downtown Calgary

A moose on the run in downtown Calgary.

Unusual urban animal sightings abound in Canada this month. Last week I wrote about the grey whale that visited Vancouver’s False Creek, the first to be seen in the vicinity of the city in living memory. Canada’s increasingly complicated relationship with wild animals in urban environments continues this week in Calgary, Alberta where a wild moose took a stroll through the city yesterday afternoon.

According to the Calgary Sun the wayward moose made its way up from the Bow River and began to wander into the city. At one point, the moose walked down 9th Avenue against the traffic!

Thankfully, Fish and Wildlife officers safely tranquilized the beast and and released it back into the wild. These kind of encounters today are certainly not commonplace and they highlight the careful boundaries humans have erected between cities and nature, domestic space and wilderness space. Whales in False Creek in Vancouver and Moose on 9th Avenue in Calgary disrupt those intellectual boundaries and remind us that we share urban habitats with many other species.

Thanks to @theMapleTap for passing along this story.

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